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Streaming Music to Stereo

Streaming music to your stereo can seem like a daunting task. But if you have the right equipment, you can be listening to your favorite streaming music service blasting from your home stereo speakers.

Streaming Music

Streaming refers to information flowing continuously from the Internet. As Internet speeds have gotten faster and faster over the last few years a wide range of media can now be streamed online, including music, television shows, and movies.

Music was one of the first forms of media to be streamed from the Internet, mainly because of the smaller file size and bandwidth requirements for the media.


Streaming Music Providers

There is a wide range of streaming music providers on the Internet today. These providers can be split into two categories. First, there are streaming music websites that offer access to a library of music. And the second type are websites that provide a continuous stream of pre-programed selections.

Examples of sites that offer a collection of music are Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody, and Grooveshark. Each of these websites has a collection of songs that you can access based on their own set of rules. Pandora offers a free streaming service, but does not let you choose songs directly. They use an algorithm to select music you will like based on your preferences. Napster and Rhapsody do let you choose the music you would like from their library of music, but each has a monthly fee. And finally Grooveshark also offers the ability to choose your own music, but their library is user-generated and often not as complete as paid services.

Examples of websites that provide continuous streams of music are Sirius and iTunes. These websites feature traditional radio-format streams that are categorized by the format of music featured on them. You may be thinking that iTunes was strictly for playing your own music, but you’ll notice on their left navigation, they feature a Radio section with a wide range of continuous streaming music options.


How to Stream Music to Stereo

Once you have selected your medium of choice for streaming music from the Internet to your stereo you are ready for the next step; finding a connection device.

There are a handful of device that may work for you, but in this tutorial I will focus on connecting your streaming music to your stereo using Orb. Orb uses a program on your computer called the Orb Caster to send your music to the Orb MP-1. The MP-1 is a tiny, futuristic looking, piece of hardware that plugs into your stereo and receives a wireless signal from your home router. The Orb Caster also uses your smart phone as a remote control for your wireless music.


Setting Up

Now that you have your computer and smart phone installed with the latest Orb and Orb Caster applications you need to check your hardware devices.

You should have your preferred stereo turned on (with multiple Orb units you can control multiple stereos or other sound amplifying devices). You should also have the Orb MP-1 connected to an audio-in port on your stereo.

Now simply turn on the Orb Caster, select the streaming music service you want to connect to on your smart phone and streaming music will now be coming out of your stereo.

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