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Wireless Music

Wireless music generally refers to audio that is broadcast from an electronic source capable of sending a wireless signal to a receiving device that is capable of playing music.  The broadcast device is often a computer.  The receiving device can be speakers, an iPod, or another computer.


Types of Wireless Music

Wireless music usually comes in two varieties.  These types are based on the source that the music is being played from.  The music is either being streamed from the Internet or is playing locally from a computer’s hard drive.


Locally Streamed Music

Locally streamed music means any music that is located on a computers hard drive and streamed to an external source.


There are many software programs that allow you to stream your collection of music including iTunes and Windows Media Player.


With an intermediary device such as the Orb MP-1 you can stream your computers music to external speakers.


Streaming Wireless Music

With streaming wireless music the audio is coming from a website or streaming source from the Internet.  The following is a list of popular streaming services and what they offer.



Pandora revolutionized music discovery by introducing a complex and academic algorithm to determine what music it would play for the user. 


Pandora began with a huge collection of popular artists, and many independent artists in their music library.  The ability to pair popular music with similar sounds turned out to be very appealing to users. 


Pandora was also the first experience for many Internet users in streaming music.  The ability to turn on the website and have it continuously play music like a personalized radio station was very new for a lot of people.



iTunes is the leader for online music sales.  But what is often overlooked is their very robust streaming radio directory.  There are thousands of radio stations that can be accessed by browsing the Radio section within iTunes.


iTunes can also play and save radio streams that people find on the Internet.  Most radio stations have live feeds available on their website.  This feed can easily be added to iTunes Radio section to expand your streaming music possibilities even more.



Last.fm is similar to Pandora in that its goal is to help users discover more music based on the artists they already like. 


As a user of Last.fm you are able to stream music from your favorite artists and similar artists.  You can make playlists, keep track of your play counts, and share your favorites with other Last.fm users.


Last.fm become one of the most popular streaming audio websites because it offered the service for free and has one of the largest online libraries of songs.



Napster gained popularity when it started as a peer-to-peer music sharing program.  More recently it has changed course and now offers a very comprehensive streaming music service and is owned by Best Buy.


Napster’s service is offered with a monthly fee that includes the ability to stream music and credits to download a certain number of songs each month.  The streaming service boasts a very comprehensive and well-organized library of music that is officially licensed from the record labels.



Spotify is a streaming music service that was started in Europe, but is quickly making its way to the United States.  Their service is ad-supported, which means no price to the user, and features a large library of music officially licensed by the record labels.


The uniqueness that Spotify brings to the industry is their ability to offer a library of music comparable to paid services but with no fee for the user.


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