The Orb TV works with your home computer, smart phone, and wi-fi network to stream music, photos, and video from your personal collection or internet services (e.g. Hulu, Sirius Radio, ESPN3).

  1. Orb Caster is powerful media server software that runs on your PC or Mac. Orb Caster indexes all the media files on your PC or network drives and streams the media to your Orb Music or Orb TV.
  2. Orb Controller is the app for your iPhone or Android* smart phone that lets you control your media from anywhere in your home. Use the easy touch interface to choose your music, photo slideshow, or video and the Orb TV device you want it to play on.
  3. Wi-Fi Network is how Orb TV connects your PC/Mac, smart phone, video signal, and speakers in your home.
  4. Orb TV connects to any TV with a component or composite input.


  • Each Orb TV player must be configured during setup by connecting it to a USB port on your PC or Mac. The Orb setup wizard lets you give your Orb TV device a friendly name, like “family room TV” and to enter your wi-fi network password.
  • The Orb Controller lets you control multiple Orb music and video players in your home.
  • The Orb Controller puts you in total control of your media experience. Pause, change the volume, skip around in your playlist.
  • The Orb Controller can be installed on multiple smart phones, so that each family member can control their media from their phone. No more fighting over the remote control.
  • Orb Caster can be installed on multiple PCs in the home. Each user can have their own media library and a personalized experience.
  • Orb Caster can manage multiple user accounts on one PC, so each family member can have their own media library and a personalized experience.
  • Orb Caster automatically converts media files into a format playable by the Orb music player and video players and works with most non-DRM protected media (MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV).

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