At the heart of Orb’s solutions is Orb Caster – a powerful media streaming server that runs on both Mac and Windows.  

Around the Globe – Remote Access     

With Orb Caster installed on your home computer, you can access all your media from any internet-connected computer. Use a browser to login to, enter your Orb username/password and all the media on your home computer can now be viewed through the Mycast portal. Orb’s Remote Access is the perfect way to have all your music, photos and video at your fingertips around the Globe.

All you need is a free download of Orb Caster.


Around the Globe – Mobile Access         

Want to enjoy the same music, photos and videos on your Android phone or iPhone? Combine Orb Caster on your home computer with the Orb Live App (available through App Store or Market Place) and you can get to the same media that’s on your home computer. If you have a TV tuner installed on your home computer, you can even stream broadcast TV from your computer to your smartphone or tablet!

All you need is the free download of Orb Caster software and Orb Live Mobile App ($9.99).


Around the Home – on Any TV or Stereo       

Orb Caster’s power is not limited to Remote Access. By combining the streaming media server with Orb Music,  Orb TV or Orb Blu Ray – you can now wirelessly stream your digital music, videos and pictures around the home. Connect Orb Music to any Stereo or Orb TV to any display  - and they are transformed into a "connected device" - capable of streaming content from your Computer or the Internet.  Do the same with your PS-3 or Blu Ray player by loading an Orb BR disc - no additional hardware needed. Best of all, you make your selections using Orb Controller – a free Android/iPhone App for your Smartphonne or Tablet. Want to use your XBox, Wii or any DLNA device to stream music, photos and videos from your Computer? Orb Caster is the answer for that too!


All you need is (i) the free download of Orb Caster software and Orb Controller smartphone App and (ii) Orb Music ($79) or Orb TV ($99).    

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