Over the last 9 years Orb has built many great products in the streaming media market. Along the way it became clear that the only path to the best consumer experience was industry wide adoption of a foundation technology like Orb’s. For the last 18 months we have been working to make our underlying technology a de facto standard for streaming media. We made a tremendous amount of technical and market progress, but we were clear from the start that we would need one or more big strategic partners to help us complete the vision.


We are proud to say that Orb’s team and technology have been acquired by one of the large strategic partners who completely shares the Orb vision for building a standard platform for media solutions and beyond. They had already been investing aggressively in this technology and felt that Orb’s work was perfectly aligned with their vision and would significantly accelerate and expand their offerings and capabilities. Orb will be leading the streaming media effort in the new company. We feel confident that this will lead to far broader adoption, better consumer experiences and many more product options for customers. Stay tuned for announcements about the fruits of this joining of forces later this year.


Thank you for your continued interest in Orb and our technologies,


Joe Costello, CEO and founder of Orb Networks


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