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photosUsing Nintendo Wii
for Current Orb Users

Wii brings the internet–and your hard drive—to
the big screen. You know that Orb running on your
PC puts the internet and all your digital media at
your fingertips. And those fingertips could be on
your keyboard at work. Or on your smart phone.
Or anywhere you have a browser and a streaming
media player.

Now you can have that same experience in your
living room in front of that big screen TV. Imagine
those YouTube videos as large as life. Your vacation
pictures big enough for everyone to see. And your
music collection playing on your home theater system.

Nothing New to Buy

Just connect your Wii to the TV. No other boxes or
subscriptions are necessary.

You already have an Orb account on your PC. Now
with Wii’s Opera browser you can access the internet
and all your media.

(Note: You need to be running Orb version 2.00.0814
or later. If not, you will need to download the latest

  1. Check your Orb version number in the  Orb tray icon > About  on your Orb PC. (must be version 2.00.0814 or later.)
  2. From your Wii Opera Browser, go to–
  3. Enter your Orb login and password
  4. Having trouble streaming media from your
    home PC to your TV? Go to FAQs





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